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Learning Resources for FormFox Users

Training Courses

Our training courses are software simulations covering all the essential aspects of using FormFox. These simulations cover both PC and iPad based services but you must do the simulations on a PC.  

Speakers or head phones are required. Having a barcode scanner attached to your computer is preferred but not mandatory.

At the end of each simulation you will be asked to enter your user information including name, work email and primary location. Entering this information is critical so that both FormFox and your site administrator can document that you have completed each stage of the training.


Please Note: To perform collections in FormFox new collectors must complete a qualification training program and FormFox training. FormFox training is not a substitute for the qualification training program. For more information on becoming a qualified collector see the DOT’s instructions found here.


  Required Training

Step 1: Uneventful Collection Simulation

Step 2: Temperature Out of Range Simulation

Step 3: Adulterated Specimen Simulation

Step 4: Donor Unable to Provide Specimen Simulation


Administrator Training

Manage Users Simulation

Label Inventory Simulation

Updating Site Details Simulation


Additional Training

non-DOT BAT Simulation

Hair Collection Simulation

CRL POCT – Collector Simulation

CRL POCT – Pending Further Testing Simulation

CRL POCT – Invalid Device Simulation


DOT Exams Training

DOT Exams – Medical Support Staff Simulation

DOT Exams – Examiner (Includes Determination Pending) Simulation

Quick Tips

Brief pointers and tips on commonly used features of FormFox.


How to Convert a Paper Chain Using FormFox

How to Update Your Account Book – Administrators