About Us

A unique combination of experts, our staff is comprised of professionals in the substance-abuse prevention, occupational and environmental health, software design, and development industries. FormFox maintains a close working relationship with most industry providers, regulators, and associations.

Eric J. Quilter, President & CEO of FormFox

FormFox, established in 1993, is based out of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

Data Management

FormFox’s core competency is in designing and developing data management and workflow solutions to improve processes for all players in the drug and alcohol testing and broader employee qualification industry.


The nation’s leading provider of software and information systems for managing substance abuse testing programs with over 3,500 sites and millions of transactions conducted annually.


The FormFox vision is to deliver a common industry solution that leverages FormFox’s leading electronic workflow solutions to seamlessly connect all providers in the continuum of care.

Our Laboratory Partners

Meet the team that does all the magic behind the scenes

Eric Quilter

President and CEO

President and CEO of FormFox, Inc. Eric first became involved in the drug testing industry in 1987, starting his career in sales and marketing with one of the nation’s largest forensic laboratories. The rapidly growing popularity of drug testing allowed Eric to be involved in the initiation of many large testing programs for large employers. The simultaneous proliferation of desktop computing and federal drug testing rules motivated Eric to leave the laboratory business and start his own company in 1993. Over the course of his career in drug testing, Eric has had the opportunity to witness the progress of technology and its impact on both employers and service providers in our industry. From the strictly PC-based software models of the past to the current world of distributed computing and hosting, Eric and his colleagues at FormFox, Inc. are continually challenged to bring the best mix of security, functionality, and affordability to our marketplace.

Kurt Bothner


Kurt leads the client facing units of FormFox Inc., including Client Services, Customer Implementation, Sales and Marketing. Kurt has spent over 20 years with the Company, serving in virtually every capacity of the business, and has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction and product development at FormFox Inc., as well as enhancing the customer experience. Kurt’s strong background in financial management and business analytics are keys to his contribution to a well rounded management team. Kurt has been a participant in and speaker for industry groups and associations, and is a current board member for the International Forum for Drug and Alcohol Testing. Kurt earned a bachelors of science degree in economics from the University of California, Davis, and holds a MBA degree from the University of San Francisco.

Jim Buckmiller


Jim Buckmiller is the CTO of FormFox Inc. Jim has over 28 years of development experience, 22 of which is with FormFox. Jim’s leadership skills were instrumental in bringing all development in-house and expanding the role of the software applications into new interfaces and Web-based solutions that keep FormFox, Inc. on the leading edge of the industry. Jim received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah, holds many professional certificates and is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network.