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The comprehensive program administrator tool set provides extensive data management capabilities over customer accounts and personnel, vendors, and events from drug and alcohol tests to background check and exam services.

Clinic / Collector Clinic / Collector 

FormFox is the leading Electronic Custody and Control (ECCF) solution for all clinics in the employee health and safety industry because we allow sites to perform collections for any participating lab in a single platform.

Lab Lab

The “Common Platform” approach has been embraced across the industry, allowing laboratories to significantly reduce costs while improving the quality and integrity of the testing process.


The FormFox MRO solution delivers faster results adjudication and turn-around time, using a more efficient set of workflows to conduct the review process.


“A little success story for you. I had the opportunity to enjoy non-stop Quest collections today by myself. I was able to collect 23 collections today with barely a wait time. I could not have done it without FormFox.”

Nancy Erickson
ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota-Manatee

“I’m including FormFox on my list of selling points. I see FormFox as a clear advantage.”

Mike Gordon
Site Manager Drug Testing Network, CA

“We at New Era Drug Testing have been using FormFox services to provide our clients with drug screening. FormFox is fast and efficient and eliminates all mistakes. We are very happy with the program.”

Danny Yagubyan
Collector New Era Drug Testing, CA

“Sun Ray Counseling has been utilizing the FormFox chain of custody online. We are very pleased with the outcome so far. One of the best features is the pending list for those waiting to be tested; it comes in very handy when clients are backed up to test. We are excited about changing our way of record keeping and are looking forward to other labs coming on board. We would also like to mention the staff at FormFox; they are wonderful and guide you through the process with their helpful kindness. They are always there to assist when needed. Thank you for the new tool.”

Tish Hughes
Collector Sun Ray Counseling, CA


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