Point of Care Testing

Because more and more organizations are including instant testing as a key component of their employee screening program, FormFox has developed a wizard driven process that guides collectors through the instant testing process complete with the capability of disseminating results instantaneously. FormFox is device- and product-agnostic, freeing customers to choose the product that best suits their program objectives while retaining all of the benefits.

Benefits Include:

  • Better Collection Process Quality.
  • Ability to choose any instant testing device or product to suit your needs.
  • Generation of electronic CCF in cases where the sample is sent to the lab for further testing.
  • Improved Information Accuracy. Prepopulated authorization forms ensure that the correct service is performed, and that accurate data is delivered.
  • Speedy Distribution of Information. An instant test isn’t really instant unless the results are delivered immediately. FormFox shortens the entire drug testing cycle by instantaneously delivering the electronic result to the downstream constituency.